“Cherry on the Cake” – Encouraging active citizenship through Youth exchange Training Course, Bled, Slovenia

“Cherry on the Cake” – Encouraging active citizenship through Youth exchange
Training Course
19-23 June 2017 | Bled, Slovenia


The training course “Cherry on the cake” explores the role of Youth Exchanges in long-term work with young people. The 4th international edition will focus specifically on how Youth Exchanges empower young peoples’ European citizenship.

An essential part of a Youth Exchange is the involvement of young people from early stages of generating ideas all the way to the closing of the project. European citizenship is a topic that is getting increasingly important due to challenges that the European Union and Europe as a whole are facing. Youth Exchanges have a great potential to ignite the young people’s sense of active citizenship in general, and to bring them closer to their European identity. This training course therefore focuses on how youth leaders can support young people’s awareness, understanding and practice of European citizenship through Youth Exchanges by addressing different aspects connected to the topic and encouraging young people’s active involvement throughout the project.

Objectives for the training course:

  • Exploring the role of Youth Exchange in long-term work with young people;
  • Promoting Youth Exchanges as means of supporting young people’s active citizenship;
  • Developing youth leaders’ competences to integrate European citizenship in the entire process of Youth Exchange;
  • Increasing the understanding of the roles of a youth leader in all phases of a Youth Exchange.


Profile of participants:

Youth workers / youth leaders, who:

  • have implemented and/or led a group in a Youth Exchange;
  • have concrete plans to apply for and carry out Youth Exchanges in the near future ( 2017 – 2018) as a part of their long-term work with local young people;
  • are interested in developing their competences in integrating the topic of European citizenship in Youth Exchanges
  • are passionate about youth work and working actively with young people;
  • are willing to commit in all phases of the training process (preparation phase, residential training course and consultation period)
  • are at least 18 years old;
  • come from Erasmus+ Programme Countries or the Western Balkan region.


Costs: Hellenic National Agency will cover 95% of your travel costs.

Accommodation and food costs will be covered by the National Agency of Slovenia.

For more information about the training and submission of the application form, you should visit: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/cherry-on-the-cake-encouraging-active-citizenship-through-youth-exchange.6479/

Application Deadline: 15 May 2017

For further information, please contact Ms Nora Tsirigoti, tel 2131314460, email: tcaseminars@inedivim.gr


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