About me: “Think out of the box” this sentence follows every phase of my life, personal and professional. It is my goal to combat stereotypes, to development an alternative and flexible way of thinking, to cultivation empathy, understanding and cooperation between people. Through my professional career as a social worker, in different professional contexts (Service for elderly and handicap, Employing Supportive Services, Juvenile Probation Service) has emerged the difficulty  of our society to get rid of stereotypes and to substantially contribute to cooperation and coexistence of people with different profiles and different personal story and background. Through my educational activities and the use of informal forms of education, I am trying to pass through the necessity to discover our capabilities, to overcome our fears and give a chance to our fellow man to actually approach us. The rejection or acceptance of the other let it be the result of our acquaintance with him/her and not from our negative perception and our stereotypes.
Languages:  English, Italian
Fields of Expertise: Interculturalism, Entrepreneurship, Social Inclusion, Diversity, Society Equal Opportunities, Youth Work


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