About me: I work as a Greek literature teacher in the public secondary education, while I also work as an adult educator teaching Greek as a second language and English to adults.
As a volunteer, I have taught Greek to foreigners and immigrants and I have participated in European programs in collaboration with organizations from many European countries. Some of the topics I have worked on include: promoting literacy with theatrical methods, immigrants’ vocational training and education, the activation of youth and middle –aged people by exchanging experiences, as well as promoting Greek-Finish cultural collaboration.
I have also taught Greek to university students in the University of Patras under the Erasmus+ Mundus program that involves the exchange of university students within European Union.
As far as the sector of Youth is concerned, I have participated as a leader in Youth in Action programs taken place in Austria in 2012 and in 2013. Also, I was responsible for the organization, implementation and evaluation of the training course “Youth Path in Labor Market” (20-24/04/2015).
Concerning my studies, I have a Master of Arts in Linguistics with a specialization in Bilingualism that enforces my relevant knowledge and my interest in the topic of interculture and collaboration among people and cultures. This is something I experienced during my studies in Canada, where I lived and worked for four years, teaching Greek as a second language.
Languages: English, French
Fields of Expertise: Interculture, education and vocation of immigrants, teaching Greek as a foreign or second language


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