Erasmus+: Youth in Greece – Call 2016 cannot be opened until further notice

The Youth part of the programme has been suspended in Greece since December 2014. Since there is no operational Erasmus+ National Agency for Youth, and in compliance with the Erasmus+ regulation (Article 29 par. 6 and 8 of EU Regulation No 1288/2013 ), the process of application submissions under the 2016 Call for proposals of the Erasmus+ Youth programme in Greece cannot be reopened until further notice.

This measure concerns only the Erasmus+: Youth activities and not activities in the field of Education (Higher Education; Schools, Vocational and Adult Education) which are managed by the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY), the Erasmus+ National Agency for education and training.

Greek youth organisations, however, can be included as partners in project applications submitted to other Erasmus+ National Agencies, in the context of the 2016 Call for proposals.

The European Commission and the Greek National Authority are cooperating to ensure that the full implementation of Erasmus+: Youth is resumed as soon as possible. The notice on the resumption of Erasmus+: Youth in Greece will be published on this website.

Source: European Commission