Master Loan Guarantee Scheme under Erasmus+

The first loans for graduate students taking their Master’s Degree are now available under the Erasmus+ Master Loan Degree Scheme.

The first agreement signed, in Spain on the 11 of June, between the European Commission and the MicroBank of Spain and will be managed by the European Investment Fund.

This first agreement will provide financial support for students from Spain taking their Master degree in one of the 33 Erasmus+ Programme Countries or students from these countries moving to Spain for a Master.

This initiative under the Erasmus+ Programme has a total budget over € 500 million and aims at support 200000 students who want to study abroad and get a Master’ s degree.

For more information about Erasmus+ Master Loan Guarantee Scheme , you should visit the following link:


Find here the official Press Realease for the Master Loans.