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My name is Dea-Dimitra Sita and I am deeply and eternally in love with the Italian language and culture which I begun to teach right after I returned from Naples where I spent a year as an EVS volunteer. I participated in projects whose main focus were immigration and cultural diversity, an experience that endowed me with the competence in using the Italian language, equal to that of mother tongue, fluent English, decent Spanish. And a heart full of empathy.

Over the last 12 years, I have been making a great effort to promote the Italian language and culture in various ways: not only by teaching (formal and non formal education) but  also by  participating in projects including “ Italy in a day”. I am currently working in the field of  adult education , as a teacher and collaborating with the technological institute of Epirus in the IRMA project.Ι am also trying to make a dream come true: write my first book.

I believe that teaching means fighting the stereotype and providing, at the same time, a safe place for people bringing out their differences. Only by letting ourselves voice these differences, can each and every one of us find his way to such place. I won’t stop fighting for this safe place, a land that even though it exists in no map, we all know how to get there. ” A language without an alphabet except for the one of the stars “, as Poets put it in wisely.

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